Perpetuating Excellence in Teaching, Leadership and Learning (PETLL)

Artisan Teacher Talent Videos

Magoffin County teacher Baillie Gullett teaches English class. She demonstrates The Artisan Teacher Talent...
Antony Fugate is a Rank II, 5-12 Math Teacher...
Deb Lucas is a Rank II, K-4 Reading Specialist...
Kristen Blackburn Kindergarten Science P-5 Stagecraft
5th Grade math teacher demonstrating making connections between students...

PETLL is...

a systemic process designed to address the two areas that have the greatest impact on student learning – the classroom teacher and the building instructional leader – the two leverage points educators have the greatest ability to influence.


hol·ler /hälər/
  • A valley between two mountains – where people live
  • To yell, shout or cry out loud
  • A digital format for all of the above; join the micro-communities that make up

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