About Petll

Perpetuating Excellence in Teaching, Leadership and Learning (PETLL): KVEC’s proprietary continuous school improvement program

The PETLL Initiative is structured to address the practical needs for instructional improvement that exist in today’s schools and districts. The goal of the Initiative is to create schools of excellence where every student is engaged in high quality learning, where every teacher is engaged in an intentional instructional growth process, and where every administrator is engaged in growing a staff’s capability to teach at an ever-expanding level.

The PETLL initiative is a systemic process designed to address the two areas that have the greatest impact on student learning – the classroom teacher and the building instructional leader – the two leverage points educators have the greatest ability to influence.

The initiative is based on the foundational belief that we are responsible to ensure a high quality learning experience for every student and supports the creation of a system where every teacher will rise to their greatest ability level by establishing a culture of growth with excellence in instruction as the overarching goal.

Since 2012, through the Appalachian Higher Education Consortium (AHEC), the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) and nine universities and colleges that serve the Eastern Region of Kentucky have engaged in a partnership to offer and enhance PETLL in 35 schools and 14 districts. When PETLL is implemented with fidelity, there is a positive impact on student performance and success, teacher efficacy and instructional leadership capacity.

For more information, please contact Will Kayatin, Ph.D., will.kayatin@hazard.kyschools.us