Kathy Parsons – Clear Learning Goals

Kathy Parsons 4/5 related arts K-8 Masters 28 years experience Charla Hopkins Masters k-5 14 years experience Clear learning goals Clear Learning Goals: The ability of the teacher to identify and precisely express what students will know and be able to do as a result of a lesson. Key terms: Micro-goals (20 minute goals), content […]

Ramona Caldwell – Enriched Environments

Ramona Caldwell 3rd grade Science P-5 LBD Formative assessment 10 years experience Enriched Environments: The ability of the teacher to shape the physical and social environment of the classroom to enhance learning. Key terms: Physical- attractive, engaging, changing. Social- unconditional positive regard, relaxed alertness, positive rituals, special treatment, collaboration

Kristin Hatfield – Personal Presence

Kristin Hatfield 4/5 P-5 Masters teacher leader Reading Personal presence 9 years experience Personal Presence: The ability of the teacher to become a person of significance in the lives of students and to use this position to enhance student engagement. Key terms: influence, persuasion, interpersonal connection, affinity, interest, respect, admiration, loyalty, importance, efficacy, unconditional positive regard, complex […]