Magoffin County High School teacher Baillie Gullett teaching English.

Magoffin County teacher Baillie Gullett teaches English class. She demonstrates The Artisan Teacher Talent Enriched Enriched Environment. She was able to do this by using the touch screens and making use of the white board. Also all students had a copy of book that was being discussed.

Magoffin County High School, Katie Wallace teaching Vet Science.

Magoffin County teacher Katie Wallace is teaching a Vet Science class. She is demonstrating the Artisan Teacher Talent of Clear Learning Goals. Ms. Wallace does this by placing the targets on the white board in front of the class.

Magoffin County High School, Jennifer Howard teaching Math

Jennifer Howard teaching Math at Magoffin County High School. Her Artisan teacher talent is clear learning goals. She had the learning targets clearly displayed on the board for the class to see. Her first learning goal was to get their minds firing on all cylinders by playing a warm up game before diving into review […]